Morning, Goals Ramble

Gooood Morning!

I’m quite excited about writing today. This morning I awoke to discover that yesterday’s collection of 500 words garnered five “likes” on WordPress. They even gave me a little trophy for it. Achievement unlocked! And boy do I love achievements… but that is another post for another day. Out of curiosity, though – are there any other gamer/writers out there? Huge BioWare fanboy, here.

Anyway! I’ve had my morning coffee and finished catching up with the world, so now it’s time to write. I’ve been debating a bit with myself about what I want to do here, with this 500 words a day project. Will every day consist of these almost stream of consciousness ramblings? Probably not, I think; but it’s a good way to get started. There’s also the question of what happens if I miss a day? I don’t think it should go without consequence. Ultimately, it would probably be a good idea to set some goals… but I’m fabulous at saying things like, “Tuesdays will be ‘Technique Tuesdays’! Each Tuesday I’ll x, y, and z!”, and failing to follow up. If I commit to something that narrows the scope, I feel like I set myself up for failure and set you up for disappointment. So let’s avoid goals like that then, shall we? (For any of you who have dabbled in business, this would be the ‘A’ in S.M.A.R.T. goals. Know your strengths and weaknesses.)

One goal I definitely have for this blog is to connect with other writers. Well, writers and readers. In this context, I’m referring to readers in a broader context. I want to connect with people who read lots of books. As someone who likes to write stories, I think it’s important to find out what other people enjoy reading and, more specifically, what they enjoy or don’t enjoy about certain books. Of course it would be lovely to build a relationship with Frippits readers! Isn’t that a goal for any blog writer?

Also, the obvious goal here is to improve my writing and my writing habits. That’s very generic, though. The ‘500 words a day’ goal helps to improve my writing habits by forcing me to write even when I’m not inspired, as many authors say you should. But what goal do I set to help me improve my writing overall? To challenge myself? Perhaps once a week I should write a creative something – a character description, a plot, a setting, or even just a section of story. It could then be in any genre and with such a variety of subjects to pull from, it shouldn’t be too narrow a scope. I’d like to start doing some research on authors, too, but I’m not sure I read enough to choose a new author each week. Maybe once each month? Hmm… I’m not sure about that one as a goal, just yet. I’m on board with creative somethings, though. I certainly don’t want this to become just a daily writing journal.

Hopefully this is the start of something awesome. DFTBA.



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3 responses to “Morning, Goals Ramble

  1. Ooo so it seems like you’ve just started up this blog! 🙂 I think writing down your goals is a step towards making yourself accountable! Write every day – it doesn’t matter what you write and if people read it or not. And most importantly, have fun!!

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