A ramble, a first, and a nonexistent(?) word

Today is a perfect writing day.

The only sound is the slight patter of rain on the pavement. Even though the sky is overcast, it is light out enough to illuminate my desk. The air is chilly for a summer’s day, warranting a hot cup of tea. Occasionally, the caw or chirp of a bird blends into the white noise of the drizzle outside, serving as point of contrast to remind me how peaceful the silence is. A slight breeze wafts through the open window, carrying with it the scent of the rain mingled with that of wet grass. It’s refreshing. It smells like Spring.

This morning was filled with the perusal of various writers. Kindred spirits were found.

I am reminded that the other day was the first time I had ever referred to myself as a writer out loud. A friend asked what I’d been up to lately. “Lots of writing,” I responded.

“Writing?” her face assumed quizzical intrigue. “For school?”

“For work,” I responded. It was only a slight fib. Mostly the writing has been for myself, but some of it has been for a volunteer project. Volunteering is as close as I’ve come to working in a while.

“What do you do?”

“I’m a freelance writer.”

And there it was. I was struck with a moment of panic, as if she would call me out and demand to know what works I had done that would justify my claim. Of course this didn’t happen. Apparently, to her, being a freelance writer – or at least calling myself such – was a mark of great intelligence! It made me laugh. It also made me feel good to be compared, for once, to the impossible genius that is my partner. Our friend now believes we sit around in the evenings reading the dictionary and examining encyclopedias. Again, I laughed. Then I remembered a goal I wanted to set for myself to learn new words and expand my vocabulary. Maybe she’s not as far from the truth as I might think.

Speaking of this goal, perhaps I should begin today!

At least once a week, I shall find a new word. I will define it. Then I’ll use it in a sentence. Then, for practice, I’ll have to compose the rest of my 500 daily words based on this word. There are no restrictions – I just have to use the word, be it noun, adjective, verb, etc. This weekly exercise should be separate from my ‘Creative Somethings’ exercises, as well.

This reminds me of the ‘daily words’ I used to subscribe to from a dictionary website. Often times I did not find the words intriguing, so I would forget them only moments after reading. The daily mailer was inconsistent, as well, so I wasn’t receiving as many new words as I might have liked. They even repeated words occasionally, which seemed like a crime considering how many there are to choose from. My favorite, however, was the word ‘bathymius’.

I’m not entirely certain I spelled that correctly. However, when I went to look it up it doesn’t appear that it’s even a word to begin with! This is odd because my mother and I reveled in its definition: extremely/disgustingly dirty; like the ring left around a bathtub.

It is a great word! Or a great not-word.

Does anyone know the word I’m talking about? I’m definitely going to have to research this now!



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3 responses to “A ramble, a first, and a nonexistent(?) word

  1. Daily words, sounds like a great idea. I too don’t use nearly enough variety in my words vocally or down in writing so I know where you are coming from. Great answer by the way – re. job name of freelancer and why the hell not?! You write for other people when they need you to write something so you’re absolutely correct!

    • Thank you and yes, why not?! 😀 I had searched Linked In to see what other people were labeling themselves and ‘Freelance Writer’ was the most common (and perhaps legitimate sounding). As I’m not yet published but I do lots of writing, and sometimes for others, this seemed most fitting.

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