Sleep, dreams, and…

(Please forgive any errors… I’m not proof reading today.)

Whew! I almost forgot my 500 words for the day. Almost.

I was kissing my partner and telling him goodnight, wrote myself a post-it reminder of things I need to do in the morning, then stuck the note to my monitor – where I’m sure to see it when I sit down to… That’s when it hit me.

So, I’m 50 words in.. what on Earth am I going to write about?

I could discuss the movie Iron Man 3, which we just saw tonight. I thought it was fantastic and am really surprised not to have heard more about Ben Kingsley’s performance. He was hilarious! But I suppose that’s all I really have to say about that. I’m not as much of a movie critiquer as I am a movie enjoyer…

I could discuss my upcoming adventures this weekend and the challenges I’ll face with writing while traveling, or the idea of ‘dream jobs’ that I was toying with earlier, or…

No. Let’s talk about that. (Not that that I just listed off about dream jobs, but that that I just thought of in my head.) I was just thinking about ‘dream jobs’, which migrated to dreams, which migrated to sleep… since I am so very tired. Does it annoy anyone else that we never remember the moment of when we fall asleep? There’s no plunging sensation, no feeling that accompanies the action (or is it an inaction? the stopping of an action that is ‘waking’?) of falling into slumber. Why do we call it “falling” asleep, anyhow?

And dreams. They are so fascinating that I wish I could record them the way I see them in a dream. But even so, there are things in a dream that don’t correspond with simply watching it like a video. There are things you know in dreams, you just somehow know them and know they’re right… until they’re wrong, anyway. There are people who look like one person but are, in fact, another. There’s history that is unspoken, thoughts are as real in dream as conversation is in the waking world. How could anyone possibly capture all the data necessary to compose a dream so that someone who was not in the act of dreaming the dream would be able to experience it the same way as the dreamer. Even if the dreamer wakes and wants to replay what s/he just experienced… how would you immerse them in that experience again?

Back to the falling asleep thing.

Do you think anything would come of being able to remember when you fell asleep? What kind of transition do you think it is? Can the same thought carry over from your waking state into your dreaming state? For instance, if you were thinking “I really love carrots” just as you drifted off.. you could fall asleep between the words “really” and “love” without noticing. Your brain would finish the thought but click “off” in the middle. Or is it more of a “I really- *clunk, cue snoring*” situation?

If you could feel yourself falling asleep, what do you think it would feel like?


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