Almost Forgot…

Okay!! So I spent the majority of today writing and… totally forgot to do my 500 words here on the blog. My partner suggested that I just copy a section of what I wrote today here and call it good but, to me, that just wouldn’t be the same. I’m really glad I remembered too, since tomorrow will mark one month since I’ve started this blog. This is quite possibly the first goal I’ve set in a very long time that I’ve actually kept up with. I’ve been more diligent about getting 500 words down than I have been about cleaning the house or paying bills on time. My cat is also alerting me that I’ve been more diligent about my daily words than I have been about his feeding schedule. Oops!

When I began this project, I did it with the intent of getting myself into a habit. I was hoping that writing every day would get me into a routine or become like an addiction. If I stick with a gym routine for a solid couple of weeks, I feel like a slug the first day I miss. Lots of runners talk about the addiction. I was hoping I’d find an equivalent with writing… that if I went a day without writing, it would somehow feel wrong. When I first started typing this paragraph, I felt like that was something I hadn’t found in the past month. Yet here I sit; 10:30 at night without a thought in my head of what to write, just knowing that I must put down at least five hundred words. It’s not like a craving, as I was hoping it might feel, but it has become one of those things where I’ve succeeded this long and it would be a complete let down to miss a day now. It helps that I have my partner encouraging me to bang out my daily words before we attend any events. Dinner with friends? A festival? Make sure you have your 500 done early today! I even managed to sneak out words while I was on vacation! Though I was writing close to midnight and I couldn’t even tell you what about! I’m nervous to go back through that work. (This post, I have a feeling, will be fairly similar to those.)

The daily routine didn’t quite set in as I’d imagined. Perhaps it’s still forming, though. I used to wake up, check the social media and brew coffee, kick my partner out the door, then catch up on news while sipping on the delicious morning cup of caffeine. News could run up to lunch time, depending on the day, but early on I started writing sooner rather than later. Then it became more of an afternoon activity. Then I noticed my partner getting a bit upset as I’d have to put our evening routine things on hold for moment to do my daily words. Now, I’m mostly back to getting them done before he returns home from his “real job”.

However, the one successful thing in all this is that it is getting me to write. I’m learning about writing, I’m reading and connecting with other writers (which is exciting!), and I’m coming up with new ideas. I’ve also gotten better about just sitting down to write things, even when I don’t feel like it. The words feel less and less like I’m pulling them through molasses during those times, as well. It’s nice.

The bed is singing its sweet, soporific song though and I want to save some to talk about tomorrow. I’ll remember to do my words early then.

Goodnight, dear world! Please forgive my utter lack of proofreading tonight.



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3 responses to “Almost Forgot…

  1. Writing schedules are a really good too and eventually you are so much in the habit that its not really a schedule than a way of life. I like that you refer to your writing as pulling the words through molasses, very cool image!

    Personally, I hate setting myself strict goals, I never keep a diary, despite buying them with the intent of keeping my life in order. There is order in the chaos, somewhere… Spontaneous = creativity for me at least. 🙂

    • There was a period of about 18 months during which I regularly wrote in a diary, but that was it. I do love journals, though, and buy them on impulse quite often!

      Strict goals are awful. I always fail when I set them too strict. Too much pressure perhaps? But yes – the best writing (I think) happens when it’s completely spontaneous. I think of those moments like “crimes of passion”, although they’re not crimes at all.

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