Ah! It feels as though the fates are rewarding me. Just moments ago, I stepped through my door soaked to the bone from the waist down. Thanks be to umbrellas! On my first “blogiversary” – the one month mark – we’re having a thunderstorm. A raucous thunderstorm, at that! Thunder, lightning, sheets of water just raining down – even complete with hail! Call me a crazy, but I love thunderstorms. I live for them.

My idea to celebrate this milestone seemed a bit masochistic, but I went through with it anyway. I’d decided to read and edit/touch up all of my previous posts, then comment about the experience here. I figured that editing is, after all, a necessary evil of this profession… might as well get in the habit. Shortly after beginning the venture, though, I realized that I was reading through the beginning of a journey. If I altered these writings too much, it wouldn’t be an accurate record to show the development of my writing skills. I chose only to fix typos and critical punctuation errors, preserving the integrity of the original pieces. I read every single one (except for three, which I explain below). It took me all afternoon. For some reason, I hadn’t considered that 30 x 500 resulted in my reading a minimum of 15000 words. It was worth it, though – an interesting experience. Here is commentary on the experience:

After reading my Getting Started post, I am less hesitant about this journey! I was very diligent about allowing myself time to edit in the beginning and the writing wasn’t tragic, like I somehow expected it to be. Writers often look back on their work and see drivel, so I braced myself. It was pleasant not feeling that way entirely and kind of fun to re-read the goals I’d started setting that I reflected on in yesterday’s post

Funnily enough, I’ve not listened to the song Retrograde since writing that piece. I enjoy what I wrote about it, though. That was my first post I made that got much (read: any) attention, and it wasn’t entirely undeserving. I was so excited the next morning, too! Someone had read what I’d written and enjoyed it – that was a very pleasant feeling.

After reading through a few more posts, I can say safely that I like the way I break paragraphs most of the time – well done, self. I’m also impressed with how honest I’ve been with myself regarding this whole project… perhaps that’s why I’ve actually kept up with it. Instead of setting very ambitious goals that I thought I would want to keep up with, I set goals that I knew I could keep up with. I wrote down the other ideas, though – just in case.  I’ll have to remember this for the future.

Oh, my goodness! I must get back to writing what I started in Creative Something #1… that’s the new start of an old, old idea for me and I really like it. Except for this sentence: “There was no anything.” …good job, me. ‘Nothing’ isn’t a word that could’ve been used there? Lazy! Perhaps I thought it could work at the time… but now it most certainly seems clumsy. Live, write, read and learn.

I’ve since read my first First Edition and should really do a review of it or something. Not a review… I dislike reviews. I should talk about it, though.

I use molasses as an analogy for forging through difficulty. A lot. It appears ubiquitously in my musings on struggles.

Ha! A pleasant, but torturous, plague. Think I could’ve worked a bit harder on that one… or does it work? Perhaps for something, but I don’t think it’s a very flattering way to describe a crush.

I’d forgotten bathymius disappeared.. I’m going to have to make it a point to use this in something I write that actually gets published. Bathymius! I’m bringin’ it back!

Still can’t believe I ate all the Oreos.

Ah.. and today is one of my favorite days. A silent playground makes for a happy writer, here. It’s interesting to be reading things I’ve written just earlier this month, thinking it feels like forever ago.

My worst errors were made on days when I noted that I was writing late and begging forgiveness in advance for not editing. That’s forgivable, I think.

I skipped reading Creative Something #6, its continuation, and the “part 3” I made an attempt at because I just read over those yesterday and began writing further along that line! I’m enjoying the characters and have no idea where it’s going… but it’s fun. I have no idea what to do with it once it’s finished, though. Should I put it up here in a downloadable document? Make one giant blog post? Someone recently told me about Wattpad.. maybe I could put it up there. Thoughts?


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